Friday, May 27, 2011

Around Camp and Staff Picture

If you are curious who I’m working with and where I’ll give you a quick look at our team and give you a few pictures of around camp.  This will also help you in deciphering some of the terms/places I will most likely be talking about in my following entries. 

If there is ever something or somewhere you don't understand or know about let me know and I'll be sure to get a picture or description up.  

This is the Redcloud Expeditions staff for this summer

Top Row (L-R): Todd Davidson, Nicholas Garcia, Mark Anderson, Steve Nutting, Jake Wrye, Kirk Sisk, Zac Smalley
Bottom Row (L-R): Me, Elise Soniat, Jeanne Marie Soniat, Donna Jackson, Cori Ward

The chapel that we use for evening messages

 View from the chapel.  The large building is the horse barn and behind it is the family camp building and Mark and Sarah Anderson's house

This is the Front Field where we play some games.  The building towards the back is the bike barn where some of camp's mountain bikes are stored

Hebrews Coffee Shop and the staff lounge 

This is the food pack room where all of our food is stored.  It is in Cabin #4 

The Gear room where all of the gear campers can check out is stored.  It is also in Cabin #4 

One half of the Cove (the other half has all of our stuff in it).  On the other side of Cabin #4

One of the Weatherports (aka: glorified tents).  Inside are very simple bunk beds.  

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