Friday, April 27, 2012

Adventure is Out There!

I realize that my absence from the blogging world would lead you to believe that I died out in the mountains of Colorado due to my case Giardia.  However, that is not what happened.  I simply am not very good at communicating via blog.  Again, I will try to be better than last year and the year before. 

Brief Update Since Last July
  • I recovered from Giardia. 
  • The last few weeks of the summer were hectic and stressful, but very fruitful and fun. 
  • I started my last semester of college in August.  Graduated in December with the degree Youth and Family Studies in Christian Ministry.
  • I worked at Vertical Endeavors (an indoor rock climbing gym in St. Paul).
  • I took two trips to visit friends.  One to College Station, TX and the other to go skiing in Colorado.
  • I removed a bunch of head weight (aka: I had my wisdom teeth taken out and cut a bunch of my hair off). 
  • I accepted a summer job in Colorado and that brings us to where I am now.  

This summer I will be working for Journey Quest, a brand new Christian wilderness ministry.  It was started by Mark and Sarah Anderson (who worked with me at Redcloud the past two summers).  Mark and Sarah were able to buy a rafting company called Vessels For Honor (VFH) and because of that they are able to start leading trips this summer!  I’m still not entirely sure what I’ll be doing, where I’ll be living, or how to do what I’m doing (I may have had a small melt down the other night because of that), but here’s what I do know…

Journey Quest/VFH is located in Texas Creek, Colorado right along the Arkansas River.  They have permits to guide customers down parts of the Arkansas River in Colorado and the Green River in Utah.  There are already 15+ groups signed up for ½ day whitewater rafting trips, full day trips, and multi-day trips.  Steve Nutting (one of the other full time JQ staff who I worked with at Redcloud) is hoping to have a rock climbing/mountaineering multi-day trip run as well.  My main role this summer will be whitewater raft guide.  So, I will be spending the majority of the next 3-4 weeks in the water learning how to do such a thing.  This will definitely be an adventure! 

I am currently staying with Mark and Sarah at their home in Johnstown, CO.  Soon we will be cleaning and packing up a bunch of gear, food, and other supplies.  Then driving to Texas Creek, CO where Journey Quest/VFH is located.  We’re leaving for the Green River in the near future for a 6 day rafting trip.  Nothing like learning by doing!  I’m excited for the trip and learning something new, but I’m not so excited about cold water… and LOTS of it.  We have wetsuits and PFD’s, plus Mark, Sarah, and a few of the other staff I’ll be working with have a TON of experience in whitewater rafting so I’m not too worried about safety. 

Feel free to check out Journey Quest’s website for a more in depth explanation.  And of course, if you would like to see and do instead of just read and imagine… (shameless plug) There are some special deals if you book before May 1st

I’ll be sure to let you all know more once I know more (and have internet).  Until then… Thanks for all your prayers and support! 

Here is my address in case you should want to send me anything...

Elise Holmstrom
27077 Highway 50 Suite 4
Texas Creek, CO 81223

Also, here’s a collage of the people I’ll be working with this summer!

Everyone has either worked for VFH or worked with Mark and Sarah at Redcloud. 

Top-Bottom, L-R: Josh Shannon, Elise Soniat, Cori Ward, Jeanne Marie Soniat, Dan Stewart, Steve Nutting, Malachi, Tatianna, Elijah, Sophia, Mark Anderson, Sarah Anderson, Josiah, Kari Miller, yours truly, Justin Grant