Friday, May 7, 2010

End of the School Year

I started cleaning out my room last night, had my last shift at work for the year, and I am packing and studying for finals. Wow! I’ll be in Colorado in 6 days! Crazy…

The weather has really been bumming me out lately… We had such nice weather a few weeks ago and now it’s been cold and rainy for a week. I would like to have at least a few days of sunshine and warmth before I leave. Mostly because the forecast for Lake City, CO has been highs in the 30’s-40’s with snow. I love snow, but I’m not sure how I feel about it in May. I suppose that’s why I’m bringing long underwear!

I’ve been playing with all of my new gadgets! My friends have told me that I’m like a small child on Christmas. Last night, for example, I had my climbing harness on for about two hours while I cleaned. A few days ago I was walking around with my backpack on drinking water out of my platypus reservoir, but thankfully I was told to go back to my room and finish my paper.

I’ve also been talking to some of the folks I’ll be working with this summer via Facebook. They all seem very nice, but I feel really young… I’m really glad I’m flying with Southwest because then I don’t have to try to fit everything into one checked bag; I get to bring two! I’ll hopefully be meeting up with a couple of them in the airport. But I’ve discovered that I’ll get to do a lot of people watching that morning, seeing as how I arrive at about 8:30am and don’t get picked up until 1:00pm.

Well, I better get back to packing and homeworking…

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